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Dancer Says She Was Fired Because Of Paris Hilton

April 9, 2012 by rochelle in People

Dancer and promotional model Tahnee Chapman claimed she was given the boot for dancing too close to hotel heiress Paris Hilton. Hilton was in Australia recently for a series of event appearances. 

Chapman said she gyrated too close to Hilton when the celebrity appeared at the Marquee nightclub in Sydney. Chapman explained that she wasn’t trying to be provocative with her dance moves. Paris opened the club’s Friday Night. 

After the event, she received a text from Clare McCann, saying she was annoyed with the inappropriate behavior of the dancer in the dance floor. McCann runs Elite Podium Dancers and the person who hired Chapman for the event. 

McCann, however, explained to the media that Chapman was on a trial basis as a promotional model. She added that the Chapman failed to perform what was expected of her. This led to the decision of not getting a regular work contract. 

Chapman fought back saying McCann never told her that Hilton became upset with her actions. She reasoned that she was just being sultry with her dance moves. 

Chapman hailed from Rockhampton, Queensland. She moved to Sydney and set up her home in Doonside. She was also a promotional mode for Foxtel and Pantene. 

The 31-year-old hotel heiress was in town with rumored boyfriend DJ Afrojack, of Black Eyed Peas, and LMFAO Redfoo. 

She also figured in a minor controversy when she banned Channel 7 from further interviews and coverage. Channel 7 reporter Edwina Bartholomew asked Hilton what she thought of her dwindling fame, an issue that obviously offended the socialite’s camp. 

Hilton and Bartholomew have since made up.

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