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‘Sex on the Job’ Case Takes an Odd Turn

July 19, 2012 by rochelle in Crime with 0 Comments

Justice John Nicolas has overturned the decision of Comcare and decided to compensate the public servant who figured in a ‘sex on the job controversy.’ 

According the Nicolas, the woman should be compensated because she was ‘on the job’ when she got injured. The unidentified woman was on an official work trip and was booked in a hotel. 

She was having sex when a glass light fitting was dislodged. She suffered physical and psychological injuries because of the accident. 

The woman filed for compensation but Comcare rejected it. The Commonwealth workers compensation agency said that having sex with a male friend was not part of her official work. The Administrative Appeals Tribunal upheld the decision. 

But Justice Nicolas overturned the decision. Sources, however, say Comcare would appeal the decision, stating that having sex is something that the woman’s employer is not expressly encouraged nor it is impliedly induced. 

It remains to be seen how this drama would unfold.

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