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More Jobs Posted Online

November 11, 2012 by rochelle in Business with 0 Comments

A report from showed that Aussies posted close to 13,000 jobs on the website in the third quarter. The figure is 15 percent higher compared to the second quarter.

According to chief executive Matt Barrie, the fastest-growing jobs in the third quarter fall under the online or Internet categories. Barrie added that most industries are quickly involving the software business, which resulted to an increase in demand. also noted that copy-typing jobs are also on the rise. In the last quarter, demand for these rose about 145 percent.  Copy-typing covers different data-entry work like converting paper documents to online data.

Also on the rise are programming, graphic design and eBay jobs. Barrie said the rise of eBay jobs may be attributed to the recent job cuts that eBay implemented in PayPal US. Small businesses also appear to be more aggressive in expanding their businesses by hiring skilled sales professionals.

The holiday season also usually sees a spike in eBay jobs.

Facebook jobs are also on the rise, with reporting a 15-percent increase in job postings.

Barrie said that while many industries increased, some jobs are on the decline like demand for virtual assistants, web scraping and data mining. He said demand for virtual assistants traditionally decrease in the last quarter of the year as business shut down because of the holiday season. is an international website that provides employers a venue to outsource jobs to freelance workers. A small project can cost as low as $30.

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