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CSL Expects A Profit Slowdown

August 15, 2013 by rochelle in Business with 0 Comments

Because healthcare budgets all around the world are being tightened in many hospitals, one of Australia’s leading pharmaceutical company is seeing a drop in profit earnings in the coming year and will be bracing for the changes.

CSL, which has been enjoying a strong performance in the market, is set to sign off into a share buyback scheme in order to address key markets that are becoming weaker. The company has recently came out with its full year report, where it stated a net profit of US $1.2 Billion (or AUS $1.3 Billion) for the 2012-2013 financial year. Most of the company’s earnings are from abroad.

Paul Perrault, CSL’s Chief Executive said that the expected growth of its net profit is consistent to the global economy’s weakness.

“Looking into 2014 we see trading conditions being tempered again by economic pressures.

“We do see our products continuing their growth on the basis of new medical uses and expansion of uses in developed and emerging markets.”

Mr. Perrault said that the share buyback, which is said to amount to US $500 Million, is almost done. The company’s board is also
considering another scheme with roughly the same amount.

Blood treatments, vaccines and other shares in this similar group fell to 3% in the market late Wednesday and the company has also declared its unfranked divided at US 52¢ a share, up from US49¢ in the previous year.

Mr. Perrault does not believe that CSL has peaked and the 10% growth is still strong, given the circumstances.

CSL or Commonwealth Serum Laboratories used to be a government entity that sold products for blood transfusion in many hospitals. It is the premiere distributor of the immunoglobulin, which is being used as an antibody treatment for patients with low immunity. For the last year, immunoglobulin sales have risen to 9% or at US $2 Billion. But the company’s current growing product is the albumin, which is also used for blood transfusions, at 28% or US $600 million.

Albumin is highly demanded in China.

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