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Carbon Tax Debates Heat Up, Milne Fires At Abbott

April 15, 2012 by rochelle in Politics with 0 Comments

Christine Milne warned Opposition leader Tony Abbott that the Greens would block any attempts of the Coalition to scrap the carbon tax.  The Australian Greens Party leader also called Abbott pathetic.

Milne issued a warning to Prime Minister Julia Gillard, saying that the budget surplus was not untouchable. She also said that the Greens would not support any budget cuts or changes that could hurt families nor would it agree to abolish the carbon tax.

Milne said that carbon price is vital to address climate change and that her agreement with Julia Gillard over guaranteed supply does not mean agreement with the budget cuts. Julia Gillard recently announced a carbon tax bonus for families to help sell the unpopular plan to constituents.

According to Milne, negotiations should be held to any legislated that is unrelated with supply. She added that everyone’s hard at work to raise revenue and subsequently, avoid cuts to services.

Milne emphasized that the Greens seek strong reforms in the May budget to help improve dental health in the country, especially the low-income families. She acknowledged that because she’s a mother of two children, she feels the need of other families, as well.

The Tasmanian MP envisions a “decarbonised” economy in the next 38 years. She said the country should be enjoying electric cars, electricity-powered trains and solar planes on every roof by 2050.

Milne became leader of the Greens after Senator Bob Brown announced his resignation a few days ago. Milne first gained prominence when she opposed the building of the Wesley Vale pulp mill, saying that it posed negative impact on the environment.

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