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Catholic Church’s Campaign Against Gay Marriage Intensifies

April 1, 2012 by Ben Collins in Lifestyle

The Catholic Church, represented by its six bishops in Victoria, is encouraging its parishioners to air their sentiments against same-sex marriage. 80,000 letters will be circulated to reinforce the message.

Bishop of Sale Christopher Prowse said legalizing same-sex marriages threaten the future of society. He encouraged all Catholics to pray for those who are pushing for gay marriages and to ponder about the implications to future generations.

Archbishop Hart, meanwhile, spoke against the proposed legislation, saying legalizing polygamy may be next.

Groups promoting same-sex marriage said the campaign of the Catholic Church aims to alarm people. They further downplayed claims that gay marriage will weaken family life and the society.

Australian Marriage Equality national convenor Alex Greenwich said that on the contrary, marriage strengthens family and societies. He also expressed sadness over Archbishop Hart’s comment, saying it is heartless.

It was Labor MP Stephen Jones who proposed that private bill that would amend the Marriage Act. Under the amendment, same-sex couples would be included and allowed to get married. Australian Greens Adam Bandt and independent Andrew Wilkie are also proposing a joint bill.

The Catholic Church, however, is facing tough opposition, as well. Even those who are devout Catholics are showing their support for gay marriage.

Kristina Keneally, former New South Wales Kristina Keneally, said that even if she is a devout Catholic, she is still in favor or same-sex marriage. She also encourages other Catholics to look at all points of view before taking a stand on the issue.

She further said that the Church and its teachings are not infallible.

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