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Controversial Questions Meet Tony Abbott In Wantirna

April 18, 2012 by rochelle in Politics with 0 Comments

Tony Abbott was peppered with questions from hundreds of supporters when he attended a forum at the Wantirna. Among the issues asked included policies on same-sex marriage, his integrity, as well as the burning of the country’s flag.

The Opposition leader, who is also the federal leader of the Liberal Party of Australia, was in Wantirna to attend a public forum held at Knox Club. Here, the audience took the opportunity to ask Abbott about the different issues hounding Australia today.

Abbott stressed on conservative spending and investing in the youth and the retirees when asked about budget deficits and what he would propose in the event that he becomes the leader of the country.

His response regarding same-sex marriage earned the most applause, as Abbott reiterated that same-sex marriage can disrupt the social order and corrupt the family.

He said his party remains firmly against it, adding that a marriage must be between a man and a woman only. His statement on same-sex marriage generated a huge applause from the audience.

When a supporter said that burning the Australian flag should be made illegal, Abbott responded that a new legislation for this is no longer necessary. He, however, agrees that flag desecration should not be condoned.

On his personal integrity, the Opposition Leader believes that he has “done his damndest” about the promises he has made as a politician for the last two decades.

He also used the forum to tackle carbon tax law, child care and paid parental leave policies.

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