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Couple Allowed To Give Newborn Baby Away

April 3, 2012 by rochelle in Lifestyle

A couple from Torres Strait has been allowed by the Family Court to give up their newborn baby to an infertile couple. The decision was based on “Kupai Omasker,” the tradition of adoption in Torres Strait. 

Kupai Omasker allows Torres Strait couples to give up their children to other members of their community. Reasons behind the action may include preservation of family inheritance rights, inability of other couples to have children, or equal distribution of sex. 

Justice Gary Watts recognized the tradition and allowed the child to live with the new parents. Following the tradition, the child is also not permitted to have contact with the biological parents unless on social occasions or if the adoptive parents agree. 

According to court reports, there was a verbal agreement between the biological and adoptive mothers. The two considered themselves as close as sisters. 

The biological mother was aware of the adoptive mother’s difficulty in getting pregnant. The biological mother even offered her baby should she become pregnant. And when she did, she has kept her promise to give the baby to her friend. 

During the duration of the pregnancy, the biological mother considered the baby belongs to her friend. The adoptive mother also took care of the baby’s birth. Both the biological parents didn’t touch or kiss the baby after the baby was born. 

The biological mother expressed her happiness over the court’s decision, agreeing to the adoption of the baby. She said she believes that her friends would take care of the baby and that they would make great parents.

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