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Carbon Tax Bonus for Families Coming Soon

April 11, 2012 by rochelle in Politics

Julia Gillard is making up for the carbon tax backlash by offering cash bonuses and other incentives to taxpayers.

The carbon tax bonus payments will start rolling in May and families are set to receive up to $100 per child.  Pensioners, meanwhile, will get $250. Taxpayers should expect to see this money in their bank accounts in lump sum payments.

Additionally, a million workers are not required to lodge any tax return once the tax-free threshold is implemented on the first of July.  Part-time workers like students or mothers, as well as retirees, will also benefit from this tax-free threshold.

The carbon tax bonuses comes way ahead of the implementation of the carbon tax law, as well as the $300/year annual tax cut for Australians with less than $80,000/year salary.

The taxpayers, however, will shoulder a public education campaign and the government is planning on a multi-million dollar advertising contract for this.

The government apparently recognizes the impact of carbon tax among families and the tax relief should help manage tight household budgets.

Once implemented, carbon tax is expected to increase bills to about $10 more per week.

The Carbon Tax Compensation Package, in a nutshell:
• Based on the Family Tax Benefit A, families will receive their carbon tax cash bonuses from May 16 to 29.
• Based on the Family Tax Benefit B, families will receive extra $69 and up to $300 for additional supplements.
• Pensioners should expect their bonus, the Clean Energy Advance, around May 28 to June 8
• Retirees with Commonwealth Seniors Health Card will also get their bonus of $250 per individual, or $190 for each for couples next month.
• Students who under the Austudy payments will get their bonuses from June 11 to 22.

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