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Matthew Newton Arrested In The US

April 8, 2012 by rochelle in People

Stage and television actor Matthew Newton was arrested by US police last Saturday for trespassing and resisting officers. 

The actor was arrested by Miami Police after trespassing in a property despite being warned against it. He also allegedly tried to resist arrest. Newton posted a bail of $2,000 before he was released. 

Witnesses said Newton yelled at the police, saying they are biased against Australians. A witness said the actor appeared drunk in a Mr. Moe’s Restaurant and Bar. He then began bothering other bar customers. 

Newton’s friends tried to coax the actor into leaving the place but he refused. The police then asked him politely to leave. When he still refused, the police decided to tackle him. 

Chris Murphy confirmed the actor’s arrest through his Twitter account, adding that the actor is being cared for by a health professional. Murphy is Newton’s lawyer. 

Miami police released a mug shot of Newton, which shows a large cut above his right eye. 

This is not the first the 35-year-old actor figured in controversy. Two weeks before, Newton was mandated to go back to Australia to face criminal charges. 

A taxi driver accused the actor for assaulting him last December 2011. Taxi driver Mohsen Khayami said Newton punched him on the left side of his neck and twice in his head. 

A magazine interview with former girlfriend Rachael Taylor also revealed that Newton assaulted her when they were in Rome in 2010. Taylor said the incident was cause of their break-up. 

Newton’s mother Patti declined to comment on her son’s latest scandal.

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