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Public Poll Reveals Weakening Confidence on Gillard Government

April 30, 2012 by rochelle in Politics with 0 Comments

A Galaxy poll conducted over the weekend clearly shows that voters are in favor of having Federal elections earlier rather than later. Six out of 10 respondents said that it appears the Labor Party is desperate to stay in power and that the independents should step up and support a no-confidence motion to let go of the Gillard government.

The public, it seems, has lost faith over its current officials and are prepared to move on from a Gillard government, which is currently embroiled in a pair of controversies.

The poll also showed that more than half of Aussies believe the Labor Party is clinging on to power and that PM Julia Gillard failed to exercise political judgment to properly address matters dealing with corruption.

Two officials in the Gillard government are facing controversies, which have been talk of the town in the last few weeks.

Speaker Peter Slipper is facing sexual allegations from a former aide named James Ashby. He is also accused of improper use of Cabcharge vouchers.

Health Services Union head Craig Thomson, meanwhile is being accused of corruption. He allegedly used credit cards issued to the union for his personal gain.

The Prime Minister has announced yesterday that she is benching the two officials. Gillard also admitted that she underestimated public sentiment over these issues.

She, however, held that these MP’s are to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. Gillard also stressed that so much damage has been done to the reputation of the Parliament because of these scandals hounding her officials.

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