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Virgin Atlantic Employee Suspected Of Leaking Celebrities’ Flight Details

April 7, 2012 by rochelle in People

An employee of Virgin Atlantic is in hot water after she was suspected of leaking flight details of famous celebrities to a paparazzi agency. 

Although she denies the allegations, the unidentified senior staff member has filed her resignation today. She was tasked by the company to take care of Virgin Atlantic’s Upper Class passengers, which include celebrities. 

Reports showed that the employee leaked information to Big Pictures, a London-based paparazzi company. Flight information of at least eight celebrities was allegedly given to Big Pictures. 

Celebrities, whose flight information were compromised, included actresses Scarlett Johansson, Sienna Miller, Gwyneth Paltrow, and singers Nicole Scherzinger and Robbie Williams. Soccer players Jermaine Defoe, Ashley Cole and Cole’s wife were also affected. 

British newspaper The Guardian was the first to reveal the breach. The newspaper alleged that it has seen email exchanges between the employee and the paparazzi agency. 

A background check also showed that the celebrities’ location exactly matched the details in the emails. The leaked flight details were the trips made by the celebrities in 2010. 

Virgin Atlantic issued a statement saying that it has launched an investigation to probe the allegations. The company says it is taking these allegations seriously. 

The employee has denied the accusations repeatedly. She claimed that her resignation is not because of the controversy. She also claimed that she was a victim of identity theft. 

Paparazzi have always been a sensitive issue in the UK. Many celebrities have called for stricter measures to keep paparazzi staff at bay. It is also widely believed that paparazzi were the cause of the death of Princess Diana.

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