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iPhone, iPad Technology Merges with Special Opps Apps

May 24, 2012 by rochelle in Tech with 0 Comments

Debuting in this week’s Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) are special military-grade optics that are supposed to work for the Apple iPhone and iPad gadgets to seamlessly record and deliver data crucial for analysis and operations. 

The application, called the [SOA] 2, can do geo-tagging and present high definition videos from a 7-meter radius. This new iphone development would be easy to carry all the time, as the device can be attached to any weapon or equipment. 

Additionally, the [SOA] 2 can be configured for night vision devices, infra-red and laser-range systems, as well as long-range day optics. 

The Military has also upgraded its platforms and devices for many of their phones operating in Windows, Android and other formats, in order to accommodate the new applications. 

The [SOA] 2 was developed by the group headed by K. Dominic Cincotti, with the help of MW Research and Development, Inc. 

According to Cincotti, this would allow them to customize the future. The US Army also intends to issue smart devices to the soldiers and he is glad the technology is now available. 

Aside from standard and special military training, the soldiers are also taught to handle these devices, which went to test early last month in North Carolina. 

The [SOA] 2 hopes to address and anticipate any concerns with regards special operations and the people behind it are keen on receiving more inputs from the soldiers who will use these.

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