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Want More Exposure on Twitter? Pay Up!

June 12, 2012 by rochelle in Tech with 0 Comments

Twitter is ready to monetize on its site and advertisers better brace themselves. 

The site has launched its TV ads in an effort to show and address the advertisers’ growing need to get more exposure on Twitter. 

The series of TV ads marks the first time that Twitter is using traditional media to promote the company. The ads show a NASCAR campaign and what Twitter can do to promote the event. Using a single keyword—commonly called hashtag in the Twitter universe—users are pointed to a dedicated Twitter page. 

The hashtag page, synonymous to Facebook’s fan page, targets high-profile advertising campaigns. 

The move, however, is not the first step to monetizing the site. For a couple of years now, Twitter has made refinements in its site to support more features like embedding of videos and graphics. The idea is that users can consume data without having to leave the site. 

Last year, Twitter also began implementing its brand pages, which is primarily intended for advertisers. Marketers can upload videos and banners ads. 

Currently, Twitter earns from its Promoted Tweets. These are ordinary tweets that advertisers purchase to reach a wider range of users. Promoted Tweets are clearly labeled with ‘Promoted’ but their form and appearance are just like regular tweets.

 Promoted Tweets are also prominently displayed in the trending box.


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