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FBI to Investigate Needles Found in Airplane Sandwiches

August 1, 2012 by Triinu Maran in World with 0 Comments

Needles were found in turkey sandwiches provided on a Delta Air Lines flight from Amsterdam to Minneapolis and on two flights to Atlanta, according to Delta PR representative Kristin Baur.
Two passengers found needles after which 18 airplanes taking off from Amsterdam were reported not to supply sandwiches to passengers. Two more needles were found in sandwiches, one passenger was injured, but didn’t require medical assistance.
The sandwiches were served to business class passengers, crew members and government employees flying from Amsterdam to the United States.
The sandwich supplier Gate Gourmet, U.S. company operating in Amsterdam, said they brought those sandwiches in from a factory in Amsterdam and emphasized that passengers safety is their priority.

FBI, Gate Gourmet and authorities in the Netherlands are cooperating in this investigation. Gate Gourmet hasn’t taken any job action against any employee referring to an ongoing investigation. A lawsuit by one of the passengers is in the works.

US citizens discussing the matter online are upset that while passengers cannot take drinks on a flight, the food served by personnel doesn’t go through any screening. The lack of security in foreign airports is troubling as well.

Ton Scherrenberg, chairman of the VNC union that represents some 7000 Dutch cabin personnel, said that cabin crew check food trolleys for foreign objects when they open them on board aircraft, “but you can’t check every single sandwich.”

Delta Airlines only provides pre-packed since the incident and more needles haven’t been found.

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