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Russia to Block Youtube

October 16, 2012 by Triinu Maran in Uncategorized with 0 Comments

Russia is currently drafting a law which would enable authorities to block any website that conceal material harmful to the government, particularly Youtube.

Although Russian prime minister Dmitri Medvedev gladly accepted a T-shirt by Facebook asutaja Mark Zuckenberg, the faith of the biggest social networks in Russia does not look promising.

“Low quality content offensive to people can be compared to pedophile videos and shouldn’t be allowed on the internet, especially Youtube,” member of the federal council Ruslan Gattarov said.

Political scientist and the director of the national research center of television and radio Aleksei Samohvalov argued that limit access to Youtube would be like prohibiting watching the moon. „Russia lacks the resources,“ he pointed out that denying access to websites is not that easy, all sorts of restrictions can be easily overlooked, just like illegal filesharers have done for years.

There’s only one way to control the internet: by shutting down electricity completely and smashing all wires with a hatchet. There’s simply no other way. People will turn to alternative, underground networks of which the authorities can’t censure,“ the Pirate party representative Pavel Rassudov is convinced.

Several countries have succeeded in blocking Youtube

In May Pakistan blocked Youtube, due to its rising amount of unholy content, according to the government. The site has been blocked earlier before, in 2008 it was restricted due to material offensive to Muslims.

Facebook admits in some countries their content might not be legal. Pakistan government was particularly set off by a competition call up people to draw cartoons of prophet Mohammed. Drawings of Mohammed are illegal in Islam.

Afghanistan blocked Youtube for the same reason, mainly due to what the government considers despicable content about Mohammed. In the centerfold, a movie about Mohammed that irritated the Muslim community to the extent that several riots have resulted in killings of US embassy members in Libya, according to Reuters.

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