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How your hotel can gain repeat business as an event venue

May 20, 2013 by Anna Johnson in Business, Travel with 0 Comments

For most hotels, being chosen as an event or convention venue is a great opportunity for publicity but also requires huge amounts of effort.

While many prospective guests do their research on the internet and a positive online presence certainly plays a significant role in securing new guests, the only way to gain repeat business is to ensure that all guests have a positive experience using your premises and services in real life.

Here are some tips you should follow to ensure you create the best possible impression on your guests in order to gain their continued loyalty.

Clean up your premises

Your guests are going to notice the appearance and condition of your premises, so make sure it is kept clean and in the best possible condition.

Have enough inventory

Nothing is more embarrassing than having to admit to guests that you have neglected to prepare enough food for everyone, or that they will have to stand because you underestimated the number of chairs needed. Make sure you have surplus inventory in case attendance is greater than expected. Items that should be on your inventory list include food, chairs, towels, pillows, soap, and toilet paper.

Make sure you’re adequately staffed

As with inventory, ensure that your staff headcount for the event is more than adequate. However, merely ensuring you have enough staff members to make up the numbers is not enough. You must make sure your staff receive relevant training and are equipped to handle large events. It is also imperative that your staff members show up with a good attitude and a willingness to provide the best possible service, so take care to compensate them fairly and lead by example.

Make sure all technology is in working order

Ensure that all technology required by your clients such as projectors, lighting, and microphones are in place and functioning properly. Carry out tests before the event or convention to ensure there are no glitches on the actual day.

Provide clear directions to the event

Eliminate the likelihood of guests wandering around lost and frustrated on the day of the event or convention by making sure you put up clear signage leading from the entrance of the premises to the venue, and brief all staff so they can assist if anyone gets lost.

Thank guests for using your facilities

Expressing gratitude to your guests for choosing to host their event or convention at your hotel will let them know that you value their business and can go a long way towards securing them as repeat customers.

While your website and overall online presence are probably responsible for attracting a large proportion of your first-time guests, ensuring these guests are satisfied and happy at your premises on the day of the actual event or convention will be the deciding factor that ensures you gain repeat business.

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