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Bob Brown Quits Politics

April 13, 2012 by Ben Collins in Politics with 2 Comments

Speaking in his party room this morning, Bob Brown remarked:

I am sad to leave but happy to go. It is good knowing that the Greens have such a depth of talent and experience lined up for leadership – I could only dream about that a decade ago… It is prime time to hand over the reins.

Deputy Leader Christine Milne was elected the new leader at the same party room meeting. She paid tribute to Bob Brown, who managed to flood the Senate with Greens in the 2011 election gaining the balance of power.

Bob’s reasons for leaving were scant, in a statement issued by his office he was adamant he wanted to enjoy some of the finer things in life:”

I look forward to fresh green pursuits including writing, photography, music, occasional talks, bushwalking, and getting out with [partner] Paul to see Miranda Gibson who has been perched for 120 days 60 metres high, in defence of a giant tree facing destruction in central Tasmania.

The media was eagerly awaiting his address at lunchtime today, but he gave nothing away. At 67 he can easily argue that he is ready to retire, but after dedicating his life to having his voice heard questions will inevitably be raised as to why he would quit mid term.

The openly gay Bob Brown has not suggested that he has any health problems that need his attention, so we will have to take his word that he is quitting his lifelong dream to go bushwalking with his boyfriend.

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