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Social Media at Work… Where’s the Balance?

April 21, 2012 by rochelle in Tech with 0 Comments

Social media evangelists have always praised social media for its ability to connect people beyond borders. Social media users love that they can share their lives anytime and anywhere.

But workplace experts warned that there’s no more fine line between your personal space and work life. Some may think that’s okay but experts say there are serious consequences that come with it.

A report written by Alison Barnes and Louise Thornthwaite revealed that it is common for most people to use their social media accounts to vent about practically everything, including work.

The report, entitled Social Media at Work, also indicated that people are also likely to post confidential work-related information on their social media accounts and believing that it would remain private.

Dr. Thornthwaite explains that social media give the impression that users can be themselves, feel relaxed and be candid. This false sense of comfort, however, can land them in hot water when they share inappropriate comments.

People should be more careful when posting on social media. Such posts can be used as evidence just like in four disciplinary tribunals where some health practitioners were the subject of accusations of having sexual relationship with patients.

Dr. Thornthwaite said that online conversations can be judged as inappropriate like comments between teachers and their students or nurses with their patients.

Dr. Barnes echoed the same sentiment, saying employers should provide a clear and comprehensive social media policy to raise awareness among their employees. Office workers should know when a post is appropriate and which is not.

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