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North Korean Missile Threat Downplayed

March 27, 2012 by Ben Collins in World

Although the issue of North Korea missile launch looms large during the nuclear disarmament summit in South Korea, Prime Minister Julia Gillard is quick to pacify fears. The North Korea government announced that it will have its satellite launch on April 15.

The move of the North Korea government is receiving criticism regional powers, including Japan, Australia, and the Philippines. PM Gillard has expressed her dismay saying that the move is a breach of United Nations Security Council resolutions.

This also reneges on Washington’s deal with North Korea that would allow inspectors from the International Energy Agency to enter the country in exchange of food aid.

PM Gillard said that North Korea’s missile launch will have the lowest potential risk to Australian and that it is unlikely that missile debris would reach Australian soil. She also remarked that there is little evidence that a nuclear device would be attached to the missile.

In her address to Yonsei University students in Seoul, she said Asia is facing great security risks because of North Korea’s constant refusal to de-nuclearise. She also expressed appreciation to the more than 150,000 South Koreans in Australia, stating that the two countries are models of democracy.

US President Barack Obama, meanwhile, expressed his dissatisfaction with North Korea’s plans. Obama, who was also attending the Seoul summit, said that North Korea is further isolating itself from the rest of the world.

Obama also warned that if North Korea does not cancel its plans, more sanctions will be imposed to the country.

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