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Car Insurance Quotes

If you need to get car insurance in Australia and you want to find the lowest car insurance quote, Money Grow show which insurers offer best value for money. Have a look at what we discovered.

It is definitely worth getting a car insurance quote from all the major providers, as well as the underwritten brokers. Although insurers are competitive with each other, you can often benefit from the price wars that sometimes go on between them. Getting insurance quotes does take a few minutes because of all the information you have to give, but it could save you hundreds of dollars so it is definitely time well spent.

Comprehensive car insurance is the most expensive insurance, as it covers pretty much any scenario you might come up against. You can pay upwards of a thousand dollars a year to have your car comprehensively insured, and when you’re spending that kind of money it’s prudent to get quotes from all the major players. Often you will find better deals from car insurance companies that ask more questions, as they will better assess your risk and subsequently reduce your premiums.

The third party car insurance quotes I sought on a 2005 Jeep Wrangler for a driver of 30 years with impeccable driving history varied by more than $200 between two of the big four insurers. There is no doubt that these days car insurance even for compulsory third party varies significantly between insurers, so you definitely need to get a few quotes. If you’re looking for car insurance quotes, you’re best of using the online quote system which most of the major car insurance companies offer.

There are insurance companies that are known to take better care of their customers if an accident should occur. It is these car insurance companies who are generally charging a little bit more on their premium. You should be careful about just looking for the lowest quote, because those companies often don’t provide the same extent of cover. For instance, if you need your Ute for work, how will you fare if it is out of action for two weeks? Consider the car insurance quotes that will provide you with a work vehicle you can use should your own one require significant repairs.

The insurance companies that offer the highest car insurance quotes are often the premium service companies. They will often have a large number of corporate fleet customers, and have customer service centers that customers can visit. They often also take better care of you when you have to make a claim, and it is thew extra mile that pushes up your premium. If you’re not interested in all the extras they offer, you’re best off looking at the lowest car insurance quotes.

So there you have the guide to car insurance quotes, and what to look for when deciding on which quote to take. Remember, it is easy to look at the price when you buy, but you need to think about what the difference between the insurers are when you have to make a claim.

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