Monday the 15th of July 2024
Australian Times

Cheap Car Insurance

If you’re insuring your car you need to be careful about which car insurance policy you choose. Insurance policies from the big four and their affiliates can vary on how they payout, when they pay out, and when they won’t pay out on a policy. Cheap car insurance isn’t necessarily good insurance nor the insurance you’re looking for, so you need to look at each individual policy carefully.

My ctp greenslip costs around $460 per year from NRMA, whilst the greenslip car insurance quotes I obtained from AAMI were just under $700. This is a huge difference between two of the biggest car insurance companies in Australia and came as quite a surprise.

Cheap car insurance generally has less generous payouts. If you’re affected by an accident, you won’t usually get all the comfortable extras with the cheap car insurance companies like hire cars and taxis. That may very well suit you, and if you’re not prepared to pay a bit extra for all the extras then there’s no reason why you wouldn’t pick the cheapest.

Comprehensive car insurance is varies a lot more than third party car insurance, obviously because the policy covers more. If you’re looking for cheap car insurance for your comprehensive policy, pay particular attention to the excess and the things it will cover. Some of the cheaper policies will not cover all scenarios. To make your car insurance cheaper without losing any coverage, you can vary your excess to be higher, which will lower the monthly premium you pay.

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