Thursday the 18th of April 2024
Australian Times

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive car insurance is the highest level of car insurance available, and is also the most expensive. Because of this, the various policies available can be quite different, so it is important to choose one that suits your needs.

Comprehensive car insurance will pay for any damage sustained to other people’s vehicles or property when you are the driver, even when you are at fault. In all states and territories in Australia it is compulsory for drivers to have compulsory third party insurance, but that policy only covers personal injury sustained. If you hit someone else’s car and you’re at fault, comprehensive car insurance will prevent you from being sued by the owner of that car for repairs or replacement.

Comprehensive car insurance will also cover any damage to your own car, even if you are at fault. Of coarse if the damage is caused by deliberate action, or if you are under the influence, then the policy will generally not be paid. If your car is secured against a loan, then you will usually be required to maintain a comprehensive car insurance policy so that the lender can protect their security.

Finally, comprehensive car insurance will generally cover repairs to damage done to people’s property other than cars. For instance, if you were to crash into a house or run down a neighbor’s front fence, then your car insurance policy can pay out on this.

Because of the high cost of comprehensive are insurance, there are some insurance companies that offer pay by the month car insurance, for a small premium. This allows you to break down the cost over regular monthly periods rather than having to pay it all in one hit, often the same time as you’re paying your car registration and compulsory third party car insurance. You can also choose to increase your excess, and subsequently reduce the premiums you pay on your comprehensive car insurance policy.

When choosing a comprehensive car insurance policy, you should consider the payout and service offers by the insurers. Some of them will pay for a hire car to use when your car is out of action, and you can sometimes pay a little extra on your premiums for this options. If you drop your car off at their service center for repairs, some insurers will provide you with a taxi to take you to work.

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