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Slipper Slips into Something Too Comfortable

March 29, 2012 by Ben Collins in Politics

Parliament Speaker Peter Slipper disappointed members of the Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia when the distinguished official, who was invited to honor the Diggers with medals and a dedication, came to the event wearing just a pair of jeans with an open-necked shirt.

Slipper, who is normally seen in his robe and tie at work, was dressed down for the event, even as veterans and other guests from the military came in full uniform. Footage of the gaffe has also been uploaded on YouTube.

The event also included an Iroquois helicopter dedication, which was apparently flown during bad weather conditions during the war to provide ammunition and support for Australian soldiers during the Battle of Long Tan.

According to John Smith, the President of Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia, the Speaker had mentioned wearing his wig, pomp and robe if he came to the ceremony, so it was a real surprise when he turned up in jeans.

Smith, who is a Long Tan veteran and served under Delta company’s artillery support, made no qualms about expressing that he was horrified by it.

The spokesperson for the Speaker, however, made apologies on his behalf and said that there was no time for Slipper to change into something more appropriate, as he had been travelling from Brisbane. The Speaker went straight to the dedication from the airport.

The spokesperson also said that Mr. Slipper thought it would be best to be on time for the event. The ceremony took place last March 16 at the Caloundra RSL in Queensland.

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