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Which brands do Australians trust the most?

March 28, 2012 by Ben Collins in Business

The latest report from Brand Asset Valuator (BAV) probed Australians on which brands they trust the most. Which brands came on top? Google, Apple, and Ikea took the top spots.

While it is safe to assume that these three brands are most trusted, the underlying message is that Australians trust foreign brands more than local brands like Qantas and Dairy Farmers.

BAV director Keith Newton said the most brands are concerned in sales rather than strengthening their leadership and innovating.

He added that brand trust in insurance, retailers, utilities and financial services has declined more than 20 percent in the last couple of years. The decline is because of continuous price increase, poor customer service, and limited offers.

The rise of “house brands” also contributes to the declining trust in major brands. Supermarkets have released their own brands to compete with big brands. These “house brands” are priced considerably lower and have the same high quality.

Aside from the top three most trusted brands, other brands that made it to the list include Paypal, YouTube, Microsoft, Windows 7,, and Wii. It is worthy to observe that the most trusted brands continue to improve their products and services.

Among the brands that continue to decline in terms of consumer trust include OPSM, Mr. Sheen, Dymocks, Meadow Lea, and Levi’s.

Brand Asset Valuator is the leading database of products and brands. The study was conducted online covering 5,000 Australians. The study also covered 1,300 brands across more than 120 categories. BAV regularly conducts the survey to measure consumer awareness and trust.

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