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Best and Worst of Australia’s Airports

April 1, 2012 by Ben Collins in Business

Which airport takes the top spots and which airport ranks lowest?

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has released a statement stating which airports in Australia are the best and the worst.

Sydney is judged the worst airport in Australia. It scored the lowest for service quality even though it improved almost six percent. Brisbane is judged the best airport, followed by Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth.

Passengers, border agencies and airlines were asked to rate the different airports. Size and availability of facilities were also taken into consideration.

It is also worthy to note that car parking prices have increased. Sydney and Melbourne charge the most at $15 an hour. For a 24-hour parking, the two airports charge as much as $52.

Brisbane, meanwhile, has the most expensive charge for seven-day parking at $140. Sydney costs $122 followed by Pert at $88, Melbourne at $77 and Adelaide at $70.

The report showed that airports continue to earn a profit from their operations. The industry remains resilient despite global financial challenges and calamities.

Statistics also indicated that passenger numbers are up in all airports. Sydney posted the highest passenger rate with more than 36 million. Melbourne follows with more than 28 million passengers. Brisbane posted 20 million, Perth at 11.5 million and Adelaide at 7 million.

Perth is showing promise as it continues to enjoy increasing passenger growth. Last year, it posted more than 9-percent growth.

The report of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission was commission to monitor the performance of Australia airports. It also monitors cost, profits, prices, and service quality.

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