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Would You Wear Google Glasses?

April 5, 2012 by rochelle in Tech

That is the question asked by industry observers as tech giant Google gives a glimpse of its futuristic Internet glasses, an augmented-reality device that merges the online and offline world. 

Google posted a teaser video in its social networking site Google+. The video shows people wearing the Google glasses, which display different kinds of information from directions to calendar reminders to messages from friends to weather forecasts. 

The glasses also come with built-in microphones that would allow the person to give commands. 

Google said Project Glass is the brainchild of Google X (Labs). Although the technology behind the glasses is still at least a year from happening, the company wants to start the discussion and solicit viewpoints from the audience. 

The tech giant also issued an invite to people, asking them to give their feedback in its Google+ page. 

The augmented-reality eyewear is expected to create more intense competition with rivals Facebook and Apple. If Google glasses become a reality, this would directly compete with smart phones and even Apple devices. Instead of checking your phone or Apple gadget to look for information, one can just use his Google glasses. 

And because Google glasses have voice recognition capability, this also competes with Apple’s Siri. 

Industry observers believe that despite the lack of experience in hardware capability, they believe that Google is in the best position to create the technology or software for the eyewear. But it remains to be seen whether people will be open to adapting to the technology and using the glasses.

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