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Anyone Want To Buy An Apple TV?

April 15, 2012 by rochelle in Business, Tech with 0 Comments

Tech giant seems to be adding a new product to its long line of iPads, iPhones, and iPods. News and rumor website AppleInsider said that Apple has filed a patent for Apple TV.

What does the Apple TV offer? The Apple TV is believed to allow homemade content to be displayed on several screens in varying resolutions. These include other television sets and computers.

Some say that it would the capability to allow iOs users to create and develop their own applications.

Although this is good news for app development, the tool may not resonate that well with ordinary Mac users. Developing applications can take weeks or months of programming. The more complicated apps would also require a team of developers.

The online world is abuzz with rumors of an Apple TV. Research group CLSA said another proof that proves an Apple TV is in the works is Foxconn’s purchase of 121.65 million shares in Sharp. Each share costs 550 yen.

Hon Hai Chairman Terry Gou also purchased a separate 46.5 percent stake in the Sakai plant of Sharp. Hon Hai is Foxconn’s mother company.

Reports have also revealed that Apple itself has invested more than $1 billion of equipment that is earmarked for Sharp factories. Industry observers, however, say it won’t be a reality until 2013.

Apple has not released any statement about the new product but speculations are plenty online. Some observers say that the new Apple TV is likely to integrate the iPhone and iPad experience with existing TV hardware.

Others, meanwhile, predict that Apple would launch its own TV set that would directly compete with the likes of Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, and Sony.

While there is no official word from Apple, the waiting game continues.

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