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Apple Developing New iOS App for Non-Tech Users

April 15, 2012 by rochelle in Tech with 0 Comments

Tech giant Apple is releasing a new patent application that may soon allow users with no background in computer programming to develop their own application.

Called the “Content Configuration for Device Platforms,” this new tool will adapt a WYSIWYG platform that lets amateur app developers create iPhone apps using graphics or visuals. This makes it easier for users to create their own content without having to understand computer language.

The idea of “Content Configuration for Device Platforms” is similar to HTML editors found in most blog platforms and website-building tools.

The new development will not only benefit non-tech users but also small business who can’t afford to shell out big money to pay developers.

Apple, however, notes that such programs provide limited features for users. In some cases, a background in CSS or cascading style sheets language must still be important to customize blog sites or websites.

Currently, programmers are hired for developing apps used for the iPhone or the iPad, which are running on the iOS.  But the proposed graphics-based new patent application can potentially be compatible with other devices such as the television or the desktop computer.

Apple is basically developing this new platform as the “one-stop shop” for coding apps that can run on different types of devices, making content-creation and delivery more available and diverse.

Once this is implemented, a deluge of user-created program apps is to be expected. Tech savvy users, on the other hand, may find the quality of the platform as inferior and will find ways to improve this to fit their own criteria.

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