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Carr Raises Pension Indexation of UK Nationals In Australia

April 16, 2012 by rochelle in Politics with 0 Comments

Foreign Minister Bob Carr is pushing to adapt a bill that will convince the government of Great Britain to fully index pensions received by UK nationals who are living in Australia.

Figures show that there are 250,000 UK pensioners based in the country, with Canberra most often absorbing for their care and other needs.

Expatriates from the United Kingdom have their pensions indexed in many countries such as the United States, the Philippines and Israel. The UK superannuation system does not currently allow for indexation of UK pensions if the recipients live in Australia, Canada, New Zealand or South Africa.

Senator Carr is intending to discuss this with William Hague, his counterpart in the United Kingdom.

The senator, however, recognizes that previous foreign ministers have pushed for the same agenda in the past with little success. He, however, believes that this is the right time to raise the issue and that Australia has strong cause for raising this with Hague.

The two officials are scheduled to meet today.

Bob Carr has been a member of Labor and represents New South Wales, where he previously served as Premier. He was also the longest-serving Premier of NSW.

Aside from his long career as a politician, Carr also authored several books. In May 2003, his biography was published. It was penned by Marilyn Dodkin. A second biography was published in September 2003. This was written by Rachel Morris and Andrew West.

Last March 2012, Carr filled a post in the Senate, which was vacated by Mark Arbib. Carr also succeeded Kevin Rudd as Foreign Affairs Minister last March 13.

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