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Craig Thomson Faces Possible Suspension

April 17, 2012 by rochelle in Politics with 0 Comments

Craig Thomson, the beleaguered Federal Labor MP who has been accused of misusing union credit cards during his time as Health Services Union (HSU) secretary, may be up for suspension.

According to Attorney General Nicola Roxon, this is an option the government can pursue to take the heat off the political debate that has raised and put the credibility of HSU in question.

The Attorney General, however, said no move has been made at this point as all allegations are still considered as hearsay. Roxon said no one has come forward and provided concrete evidence citing the misdeeds in details.

The former MP allegedly made use of union credit cards for personal gain. These include partaking in lavish meals or regularly getting cash withdrawals. He was also said to have been using this to pay for prostitutes.

Craig Thomson was head of the HSU between 2002 through 2007.

Human Rights lawyer Geoffrey Robertson, who said that offences like these in the British parliament would have already been given proper action, spearheaded his suspension. Mr. Robertson, who is a dual-citizen, further said that suspending Thomson while matters are still being looked into, prevents tarnishing the institution’s credibility and effectiveness.

The Attorney General, however, states that the suspension of MPs in their party pending investigations has no bearing or precedence in Australia. Former officials during the time Thomson served also weren’t being under federal investigation, even as corruption within the HSU is subject to police scrutiny and internal investigation in NSW and Victoria.

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