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Google’s Cloud Service Leaked

April 21, 2012 by rochelle in Tech with 0 Comments

The battle for cloud is heating up. In a bid to give Apple a run for its money, Google appears to be releasing its own cloud service called Google Drive.

A screenshot of Google Drive has been leaked, further fueling rumors of its cloud service. It appears that an employee of Google accidentally accessed the service during a seminar held in a Brazilian university.

University student Pedro Henrique Moschetta took a photo of the image and sent it digital news website Mashable. Google Enterprise director Joao Itaqui hosted the seminar when Moschetta noticed the “Drive” option in Itaqui’s Google toolbar.

According to Moschetta, the Drive icon appeared between sites options and Calendar. When asked for comment, Google refused to issue a statement, saying the company doesn’t comment on speculations. Rumor has it that Google Drive will be launched next week.

The app is available in Apple store. Earlier this year, a draft release also leaked online and showed that use of this is free. Google Drive also appears to offer as much as 5GB of storage.

Industry observers expect that the competition for cloud service would intensify once Google Drive has been officially launched.

Apple launched its iCloud last June 2011 as a cloud computing and storage service. It allows users to store different data like photos, music, documents, books, etc. on remote computer servers and can be accessed through different devices.

The iCloud has been well-received by users. Based on its latest data, the iCloud has more than 100 million users worldwide.

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