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HSU In A Mess Over Wiliamson Scandal

April 26, 2012 by rochelle in Politics with 0 Comments

As the Health Services Union (HSU) is plagued with scandals and controversies, its acting deputy general secretary Gerard Hayes said the group has been “hemorrhaging members.” Hayes said someone should step in and be an administrator to prevent further decline. 

The controversies stem from several allegations that a major supplier gave the secret commissions to HSU head Michael Williamson. He is also involved in a ”factional warfare” with Kathy Jackson. Jackson is also a union member and the whistleblower of the case. 

The NSW police are already involved with the investigation. Ian Temby heads the formal inquiry and said work is being delayed because of cancellations of union council meetings. 

Temby has sent a letter to Health Services Union lawyers, which indicated that the union council should be informed of the deficiencies in the union’s procurement process. The letter also said that remedial action should begin immediately and “not months down the track.” 

Peter Mylan, the union’s acting head, said that the council meeting might have been cancelled in response to the Federal court proceedings that Jackson has initiated, which also calls for the resignation of Williamson. 

Williamson denies the allegations against him. He was head of HSU for the last 17 years. 

It was The Herald that first came out with the story. The expose said Williamson is part owner of United Edge, that IT firm that the union consults with. His wife’s company also provides secretarial services to HSU while his personal architect is on retainer basis for the union.

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