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Jigsaw Puzzles Making a Comeback

April 30, 2012 by Ben Collins in Ben Collins with 0 Comments

In the digital world, the leisure pursuits of yesteryear have struggled to captivate the attention of young people. But jigsaw puzzles are making a surprising come back, and in the traditional of chic retro they’re suddenly becoming cool.

When I was growing up, I used to enjoy having a jigsaw puzzle in front of me whilst I was watching TV. It was something to do during the ads and when story lines became tedious. But with introduction of smart phones, it seems we’re on facbook and Google in the ads, but it’s stimulating our overstimulated brains and sometimes it’s important to wind down.

Jigsaw puzzles will never over stimulate. In a world where everything moves faster every day, and people concentrate on a hundred things at once, completing a jigsaw puzzle is a great way to take time out and immerse yourself in something that doesn’t mean anything.

A jigsaw puzzle has no score, and there’s no competition. You assemble the pieces and reflect on life and love, not statuses and tweets. Spend a little bit of time doing something that our parents and grandparents did for fun, and you’ll have a clearer perspective as to why they’re not in such a hurry all the time and can seemingly take pleasure in things we would consider boring.

Visit Just Jigsaw Puzzles and pick out a 1,000 piece puzzle to complete whilst your thinking about how the world moves too fast and you need to slow down sometimes and take pleasure in the simple things.

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