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Peter Slipper Defends Self Against Sex Scandal

April 21, 2012 by rochelle in Politics with 0 Comments

Controversies continue to hound Speaker Peter Slipper as more allegations come. The beleaguered politician is now facing accusations of misusing public funds and sexual harassment charges from a young male adviser.

James Ashby has accused Slipper for allegedly making sexual advances and comments to him. He claims Slipper deliberately hired him so pursue a sexual relationship with him, adding that the Speaker would send kisses via adding the letter X to his text messages.

The 33-year-old male adviser has formally filed a case against the Peter Slipper. James Ashby is asking the court to require Slipper to have counseling and attend anti-discrimination sessions. He also filed a petition that he be compensated by Slipper and the Federal Government.

Ashby also cited in court documents that Slipper asked him to shower with him. Slipper also arranged for a massage after complaining of a sore neck. Ashby said Slipper made moaning noises like he was having an intense sexual pleasure.

It appears that is not the first time that Slipper figured in a sexual scandal. Court documents showed that in 2003, the Speaker was also the subject of a sexual harassment complaint.

Slipper’s former adviser Megan Hobson approached Tony Nutt that she and two other women saw a video of Slipper lying on a bed with another bed. Hobson alleged that the two were hugging in an intimate fashion. Tony Nutt was then John Howard’s senior adviser.

When Hobson told Nutt about the tape, Nutt shrugged it off and told her to forget about it.

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