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Peter Slipper Racks Up Travel Bills

April 16, 2012 by rochelle in Politics with 0 Comments

An investigation conducted by News Limited revealed how Speaker Peter Slipper spent taxpayers’ money in over 18 months. And the numbers are surprising Australians.

Records showed that the Speaker has spent at least $75,000 in travel expenses, which include use of taxis and limousines. He also spent $8,600 on travels to Western Australia and Tasmania.

The News Limited investigation also showed that Slipper went to Brisbane for a one-day visit and racked up $1,000. In January 7, 2011, the Speaker spent $1,500 when he traveled from Queensland to Sydney. The agenda for the said trip was for a scheduled lunch with the English team.

Other data from the Freedom of Information database also showed that $3,000 was spent for limousine and air travel for his visit to Perth last June 1010.

In a separate occasion, taxpayers forked $600 for six taxi fares when the Speaker went to Canberra for a meeting.

Records show that Slipper has a penchant for taking expensive rides. In January 2010, he was serviced by an Avis hire care for $485 when he visited Hobart. He also racked up $900 for limousine travel.

Records from Oakcorp also showed that Slipper had multiple bookings. The limousine company charged $290 for a trip from the Speaker’s home in Sunshine Coast to Brisbane Airport.

The Speaker has been hounded by controversy for years because of the expenses he usually incur when travelling. At one point, he repaid more than $20,000.

Slipper, however, refuted claims of abuse, saying the allegations were disputable interpretation of rules.


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