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Telstra Partners With MOG To Compete With iTunes

April 17, 2012 by rochelle in Tech with 0 Comments

Telstra will attempt to compete with a giant.

The country’s biggest phone company has partnered with online music provider MOG with an aim to become the biggest music seller. Part of its plans is to provide a live streaming service for as many as 15 million tunes to devices like personal computers and smartphones.

Although no pricing has been announced, industry observers expect that the music library will be available for a monthly subscription of $10 for mobile devices and $5 for computers.

The music library will also provide on-demand streaming and unlimited music downloads. The music downloads, in the process, can be stored in users’ smartphones.

Telstra executive director of media J.B. Rousselot said that the days of CDs are ending. The music library would allow Australians to access music anytime and anywhere. Based on consumer studies, Australians prefer to download music files rather than buy CDs.

The music library would be compatible to both PC and Mac.

Other features of the service would include guides to new song releases, chart lists, song recommendations, and editors’ picks. A personalized MOG radio will also select songs based on the user’s preference.

Rousselot said the company plans to roll out the service later this year and would be available on all networks.

MOG is an online music service that provides subscription to users. Music tracks can be downloaded on different devices like phones, computers, television and Sonos system. Users also have the flexibility to access editorial content from different music blogs and posts.

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