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The Creepiest Place on Earth

April 27, 2012 by Ben Collins in World with 0 Comments

It is hard to imagine what life is like for the nearly 25 million or so people who live in North Korea, but this video to celebrate the birthday of Kim Il Sung paints a bit of a picture, albeit a creepy one. The scenes are clearly controlled and not a single building is shedding flecks of paint, which is hard to believe considering how many of these people are starving.

Imagine a country, a little bigger than Australia population wise, where everybody tows the company line. A lot of these people truly believe that the late Kim Jong-il scored 11 holes in one in the first (and last) game of golf he ever played, and the North Koreans that don’t believe would not dare say so.

In North Korea, where the “ils” have been so endlessly defiant, appearance is everything. You’ll see crisp white uniforms that appear brand new, but wearing the uniform will be a frightened and hungry person. The video depicts Korea as a successful enterprise, and tries to hide the fact that North Korea is a failed state. To see that, you really have to look into their eyes.

This video shows the elite, and those who want to be the elite. The North Koreans portray a level of passion for their country which could even make the US look unpatriotic. Watch this video, and try and look past the smiles and dreamy eyes. The only word I can use to describe this piece of blatant propaganda is creepy. North Korea may not be the worst place on earth, but it is definitely the creepiest place on Earth.

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