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Williamson Resigns From Union NSW

April 13, 2012 by rochelle in Politics with 0 Comments

Health Services Union (HSU) National President Michael Williamson has filed his resignation as Union NSW vice president. The embattled leader figured in issues of corruption and mismanagement. 

Reports said that the body was ready to give Williamson the boot but he decided to resign instead. Williamson’s resignation, however, doesn’t include his position as national president of Health Services Union and general secretary of HSUeast branch. 

The Unions NSW has accepted the resignation, which extended to Williamson losing his place on the superannuation fund First State Super board. 

The Unions NSW also suspended HSU from its roster. It also warned HSU that it will remain suspended if it doesn’t make changes to its financial and governance arrangements. 

The suspension reflects the decision of Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) when it suspended HSU last week. 

Williamson has figured in a series of scandals on financial mismanagement and bad workplace practices. He, however, insisted that he is innocent and vows to fight those who are pushing to disgrace him. 

In another twist of Williamson’s continuing battles, documents have surfaced showing union official and former Labour government minister Peter O’ Toole’s warning to John Robertson about Williamson. O’Toole strongly encouraged Robertson to prevent Williamson from becoming the national president of ALP. 

This, however, did not materialize and Robertson has come under fire for not implementing the request. Deputy Premier Andrew Stoner said Roberston did not exercise good judgment on the issue and must have turned a blind eye despite serious allegations against Williamson. 

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has remained mum about the issue, saying only that the correct process must be observed.

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