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Windsor Withdraws Support for Peter Slipper

April 26, 2012 by rochelle in Politics with 0 Comments

Independent MP Tony Windsor has withdrawn his support for Peter Slipper amidst sexual harassment allegations against the ex-Speaker. Windsor is being eyed to replace Slipper. 

Aside from the sexual allegations, Slipper is also accused of misusing Cabcharge vouchers. He has announced his resignation from his Speaker post following an investigation. 

He, however, remains hopeful that he will be able take back the speakership in time for the May budget deliberation. 

But that may all change as Windsor withdrew his support. Windsor said he’d prefer it if Slipper does not return to his seat as Speaker. 

The MP clarifies, however, that his statement is not meant as a judgment to Slipper. He said he believes the scandals have impacted on how people see the Parliament and the office of the Speaker. 

The preliminary hearing for Slipper’s cases is set on May 21. The budget deliberation, meanwhile, is scheduled for May 8. Anne Burke temporarily replaces Slipper in the budget deliberation. 

Archbishop John Hepworth, Slipper’s church leader, has also called on the beleaguered Speaker to temporarily relieve his post as the church’s legal officer until he has been cleared of all the charges. 

The Archbishop describes Slipper as “complex.” He admitted that he is also pursuing his own investigation but found no proof to tie his church member to the cases. 

He explained that he knows the complexity of Slipper and that what the public is seeing is just one of his many sides. Hepworth also reiterated that Slipper has denied the moral and sexual wrongdoings.

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