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What to Expect With iPhone 5

May 7, 2012 by rochelle in Tech with 0 Comments

Rumors are circulating on what the iPhone 5 would be. iLounge, a Mac-dedicated blog, has claimed that iPhone 5 is thinner and longer. The blog also said that the soon-to-be-released Apple smartphone would have a four-inch screen and a scratch-resistant Gorilla glass 2 on the front. The back of the iPhone, meanwhile, would be made of metal. 

iPhone 5 is also expected to have a smaller dock connector and is thinner than its predecessor iPhone 4. According to the blog’s sources, the iPhone 5 would measure 125mm by 58.5mm by 7.4mm. The tech giant is also expected to create a major change on the smartphone’s rear casing. 

Other alleged features of iPhone 5 also include a metal panel at the phone’s central back. Sources said that panel would be flat and metallic. 

Of course, nothing is confirmed until Apple has formally unveiled its iPhone 5. To date, Apple has not released an announcement on the launch date of the smartphone and app developers are eagerly awaiting any clues from Apple as to how the operating system might differ from the current models.

Apple fans, however, are hoping that iLounge’s claims are true. The blog has a proven track record when it comes to leaking information related to Apple devices. It was the same blog who leaked features of then iPad 3, claiming the latest Apple tablet is thicker with a better camera feature. The two features were proven correct. 

Some industry observers say they expect the iPhone 5 to be formally launched in late October of this year, in time for the tech giant’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC). 

According to Apple Reseller and Care head Michael Oh, however, the company is thinking of not following the tradition of launching a major device during the WWDC. Oh added that Apple may have a different press conference to announce the launch of iPhone 5.

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