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Gillard: Love Is More Than Just A Piece of Paper

June 12, 2012 by rochelle in Politics with 0 Comments

Prime Minister Julia Gillard remains steadfast in her point of view against same-sex marriage, saying love is not just about marriage. The Prime Minister cited her own personal relationship with Tim Mathieson, her long-term partner. 

Gillard said that despite not being married to Mathieson, it does not mean that they are not committed to the each other. She said one can have a relationship that is based on commitment, love, understanding and trust without the need to have a marriage certificate. 

The Prime Minister explained her side during an interview on ABC TV, sayings she speaks from her own experience. Vietnam veteran Geoff Thomas posted the question on she opposes gay marriage. Thomas has a gay son. 

Thomas also put the Prime Minister on the spot, asking her how Australia can pride itself for being the land of freedom, tolerance, and equality but denies gays of same-sex marriage. 

In 2010, Thomas notoriously asked Opposition Leader Tony Abbott when he would accord gays with the respect they deserve. 

Gillard drew the ire of people supporting same-sex marriage. Even when US President Barack Obama said he is supporting gay marriage, the Prime Minister remains firm with her decision. 

Green Senator Bob Brown, however, said Aussie politicians should take inspiration from the US President, adding that world leaders should rethink their old views. Brown also said that majority of Aussies are supporting gay marriage.

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