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Wesfarmers Report High Production for June

July 17, 2013 by rochelle in Uncategorized with 0 Comments

Production for Wesfarmers coal miners has greatly improved for the quarter ending June, according to the company which made its announcement today.

The company, which is slowly recovering from wet weathers in the summer, reported that some 2.84 million tonnes were produced in the last quarter, or about 25.2% higher from its previous record. The company further broke down its production, with metallurgical coal up by 28.9%, while production of steaming coal was up by 17.5%.

Wesfarmes, which is based in Perth, also owns two other conglomerate mines. One is located in the Bowen Basin in Queensland, called the Curragh, and the other is found in NSW at Hunter Valley called the Bengalla.

Despite Wesfarmers moving things up, the company reported that production in their Curragh mines have dropped in the first quarter. The problem was attributed to Cyclone Oswald, which has caused numerous wet days, as well as the shutdown of production during the holidays.

Metallurgical coal production, however, benefited from this, as it increased to 2.3% or about 7,380,000 tonnes.

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