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Huawei Extends Australian Board Members Terms

August 25, 2013 by rochelle in Business with 0 Comments

Three of its Australian board members have been reappointed for another two-year term at Huawei, a Chinese company dealing with technology products.

The chairman, John Lord, a former admiral in the Australian navy, along with former Victorian premier John Brumby, and former minister Alexander, have had their terms extended until 2015, as revealed by the company in a recent gathering.

In a statement, Mr. Lord expressed confidence in the security records of the Chinese company, and addressed concerns about espionage by the US.

“All three of us, offering ourselves to be reappointed this time, it is clear demonstration that we are totally comfortable with Huawei and we are proud of the company,” says Mr. Lord.

“In fact, we are probably stronger in our enthusiasm for the company as we learn more about it.”

Mr. Lord says the board has complete decision over issues, as well as business strategies for Huawei’s operation in Australia.

Mr. Lord clarified, “We are the first non-executive directors they’ve had; part of our process is working with them to make sure governance is followed.”

A huge telecom equipment vendor, Huawei is the second largest company to offer telecom products outside of China, with Australia as its first venture two years ago.

When it first operated, the company had been pressured to be transparent about its corporate activities and arrangements, downplaying any suspicions that it had links to the government of China.

Says its founder, Ren Zhenfei, “Huawei Australia’s independent directors have shown how local knowledge and expertise can deliver positive results in the local markets.”

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