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A Woman Buried Alive In New Jersey Field

May 16, 2014 by Ska in Crime, World with 0 Comments

A WOMAN has been found covered alive in a field, her mouth and eyes duct-taped and lime spilled over her, in a horrific homicide obviously persuaded by money.

Two men have been accused in association of the slaughtering.

The body of Fatima Perez was uncovered at 11AM local time in a shallow grave in Monroe Township, New Jersey, two days after she went missing.

As per the South Jersey Courier-Post , the 41 year-old mother of two had left home on Monday morning carrying $US8000 ($8550) to purchase another car she had found on Craigslist.

She acknowledged a ride with Carlos Alicea-Antonetti, a nearby man who had worked as a landscaper for her in the past.

Prosecutors say she battled with Alicea-Antonetti and, at some point in the trip, may have dropped out of the van.

Alicea-Antonetti, 36, then grabbed Ramon Ortiz, 57, and the two men moved ahead to tape her mouth and eyes and drive her to a rustic territory where she was tossed into the improvised grave.

The two men were later captured carrying $US7000 in cash between them.

The paper said a coroner’s report demonstrated she had died on of suffocation.

“It was awful, totally shocking,” Warren Faulk, the Camden County Prosecutor, said of the killing.

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