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China wants to build an underwater train line to the US

May 12, 2014 by Ska in Travel, World with 0 Comments

Lately China has set out on an amazing rail development spree.

Presently it needs to fabricate an enormous 13,000 kilometer rapid-submerged train line to interface with Beijing to the US, the Beijing Times reports.

The course might start in the nation’s northeast and stretch out through Siberia and over the Bering Straight into Alaska, as per a master at the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Wang Mengshu.

It might be very nearly 3000km more extended than the epic Trans-Siberian railroad.

“At this time we’re as of now in exchanges. Russia has recently been considering this for a long time,” Mengshu said.

A lot of people are doubtful that it will really happen. Then again, a report in the China Daily claims the nation has the intends to finish a venture of this scale.


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