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Drive Fined US$48,000 For Using Signal ‘Jammer’

May 2, 2014 by Ska in Tech, World with 0 Comments

Jason R Humphreys has admitted using a device to prevent drivers around him from speaking on their phones. He is facing a US $48,000 (AU $52,000) fine for using signal ‘jammer’ in his car, to prevent drivers around him from making calls.

Mr. Humphreys is accused by the US Federal Communications Commission for using a mobile network obstruction in his car during his daily trip on the Interstate 4 for about 2 years before he got caught.

In Florida, talking on your mobile phone while driving is legal, though texting is prohibited. Telecommunications provider Metro PCS noticed the drawback their mobile phone tower sites experiencing during morning and evening rush hour and alerted authorities in April 2013.

Mr. Humphreys said he used the obstruction to prevent people from talking on their mobile devices while driving.

The Federal Communications Commission discovered the strong broadband emanations coming from Mr. Humphrey’s Toyota Highlander SUV. The ‘jammers’ such as the one discovered in the vehicle are restricted for use in the United States under federal law since it threatens the communication infrastructure, including emergency calls.

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