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How To Pay Less…….On Everything

May 2, 2014 by Ska in Business, Lifestyle with 0 Comments

While major supermarkets aren’t open to negotiating on price, the butcher and fruit shop down the road may be.

Don’t be mortified to bargain. If you view haggling as a discussion of joint intrigues and put fair terms on the table, it will be a win-win for all parties.

Armed with increasingly sophisticated price-tracking implements on their Smartphones and other contrivances, consumers have become gutsy. They know they often have the upper hand over sellers, particularly on astronomically immense-ticket items — and anything you can purchase online.

No need to sweet-talk, smooth-talk or expeditious-talk anyone, just be straight up and ask for the best price, terms and conditions.

There are the customary items we are ecstatic to haggle over price such as cars and authentic estate but here are some less conspicuous ones.

Give it a go, if you don’t ask, you won’t receive.


Ask: If you don’t ask, you don’t receive.

Be polite: You don’t have to smooth-talk anyone into giving you a good deal. You just have to be polite and ask them for their best price.

Be hysterical: Humor can lighten up the atmosphere and soften the seller’s defenses

If in doubt: You can haggle at any store with sales staff.

Don’t waste their time: Establish yourself as a solemn buyer and salespeople will be more inclined to strike a more preponderant deal.

Do your research: It avails to research prices online to get a conception what different providers are offering.

Speak to the right person: Don’t waste your time endeavoring to bargain with someone who isn’t in a position to avail you. Speak to the manager.

Timing is everything: Ask for discounts when the manager is most likely working and the store is not diligent. For example, haggling on a car or furniture is best done during the week, not weekends. The sales staff is generally least diligent at the commencement or the cessation of the day.

And recollect: None of these techniques will work unless you convince yourself it is okay to negotiate.

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