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Australian Corporations: Promote Your Business with Branded Gifts

November 17, 2017 by Richard Cox in Business with 0 Comments

In the digital age, the corporate is more competitive than it has even been in the past.  Standing out from the pack might seem difficult — especially if you are a newer business that is smaller than some of the other players in your industry.

There are many different ways of crafting your brand’s image in ways that are memorable for your potential clients and customers.  But it is generally a better idea to give these audiences a physical item that they can hold and keep, rather than spending time writing an email that may or may not be read by the right person.

This is where corporate event marquees, printed cards, company wristbands, and ID lanyards can work wonders.  It is important to find the right balance between balance and quality so that you are not overpaying for your items but you still receive products that your customers will find to be impressive.  Remember, this is your brand identity that is being presented — and if it is not done correctly it could prove costly in terms of the lost business that is ultimately generated.

Branding Ideas for Companies

Giving your potential customers a physical gift to remember your company is important.  But it is equally important to define your branding image in ways that are succinct and memorable.  To get some of the ideas for what actually works in these areas, we need only look at some of the classic slogans that have been easy to remember.

As an example, think of the popular candy M&M’s.  To start, it is a short and easy to remember brand name that is original and cannot be confused with the brand identity of another company.  In addition to this, the company has a great slogan:  “Melts in your mouth, not in your hand.”  This is a great slogan because it gives you a good idea of the company product (a chocolate candy).  This is a good example of a textual branding idea that has stood the test of time and become memorable for the key demographics that are likely to purchase the products.

Another example can be seen in the branding identity of Apple, Inc.  The tech company has its signature “apple”symbol that is often accompanied by the slogan “Think Different.”  The text slogan is great because it gives the potential user of the innovation that the company strives to achieve.  But the visual image is also great because it is different than what is generally seen in technology companies.

These are some of the factors that should be remembered when you are trying to expand your brand and reach a wider audience.  It is a great idea to give potential customers a physical item that can be taken home, as it allows your business to be remembered every time those items are used. Water bottles, bags & satchels, and fidget spinners can be great investments for small businesses that are looking to expand outreach in key areas of the market.


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