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We’ll Turn the South to Ashes: North Korea

April 24, 2012 by rochelle in World with 0 Comments

North Korea made a grave threat against neighboring country South Korea, saying it will take special actions that would turn parts of Seoul to ashes. North Korea has accused the South Korea government for defaming the former’s leadership.

The North Korea government is specifically targeting the Lee Myung-Bak group, which the country considers as traitor and arch criminals. The government said the group, including conservative media, is trying to destroy fair public opinion.

In its announcement, the North Korea government said it will reduce parts of the Seoul capital to ashes in just three to four minutes, using unprecedented methods.

For months now, North Korea has been very critical of South Korea president Lee Myung-Bak.  Just last Friday, thousands of its citizens flocked in the country’s capital Pyongyang to express their hatred for Lee.

South Korea, on the other hand, has always been vocal of North Korea’s failure to launch its missile nine days ago. Lee said that the money spent for the rocket launch could have bought 2.5 million tonnes of corn. Observers estimated that building the rocket cost North Korea an estimated $850 million, but priorities are different in the creepiest place on Earth.

The communist country also warned the United States and said it would retaliate because of US’s decision to scrap its deal for food aid. The US initially said it would not extend food aid if North Korea launches its missile.

The White House warned the country, saying that its moves would not ease the poverty of its people. White House spokesman Jay Carney said retaliating against South Korea or the US will not achieve anything nor would it grow the economy.

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